Please click here to see a wonderful article about us in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Anndee Hochman, aptly titled, "A Good Place To Call Home".

The Mission

is to create a new model of independent living, bringing together adults with physical disabilities to share activities and supports in an accessible, safe, enriching community.

HomeWorks is consumer driven, with the residents in charge, a service coordinator to help with scheduling and house-management, attendants helping with the physical needs of the residents, and a microboard to consult and advise on decisions. It contains common rooms for activities and dining, and private rooms. It is important that housing is in a town/city where residents can be part of a larger community.

Residents are healthy, able adults with disabilities requiring physical assistance such as personal care, cooking, laundry, shopping, driving and some help organizing activities. Housing for this population now is generally with aging parents, nursing institutions, or alone with visiting attendant care services. These very vulnerable situations can be lonely and depressing. A new way is needed.

The First HomeWorks

is comprised of Will, Mike and Kelvin, three low-income adult males with physical disabilities (cerebral palsy, spina bifida, low vision) requiring wheelchairs for mobility. These housing pioneers, their parents and families, community based organizations, the State of Pennsylvania and federal government programs, and volunteers have come together to create non-institutionalized housing and community. This is a unique, innovative model which we hope will inspire and help others to replicate. The need is great.